Select the right package for you

Check out the Manager package if you manage your own equipment, or the Distributor package if you sell or certify equipment for others.


If you manage your own equipment this package will suit you best:

  • Assign equipment to users
  • Create sets, simplifying management
  • Certify & inspect your own equipment
  • (De)mobilise equipment


If you sell or certify equipment for others, the distributor package is for you:

  • Assign equipment to customers
  • Grant clients access via online portal
  • Integrate your shop/app with our API
  • Send customisable alerts to clients

Free for small businesses

Money should not compromise safety, therefore we offer a completely free version for both our packages. If you're a heavy user, you'll only pay for what you use above the free limit!

Bundles are counted in Tools, each Tool is a single item in your inventory.


Free Tools 1,000
Tools per Bundle 500
Monthly price per Bundle € 10


Free Tools 10,000
Tools per Bundle 1,000
Monthly price per Bundle € 15